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The artist

Marc Dalle was born on April 11, 1945 in Provence (France) and has lived since his chilkdhood, in Champagne Ardenne (France). The local artistic environnement first made him sensitive to their art. Then, Marc Dalle was recommended by these local artists, which led to his first exhibition in 1963 with about twenty regional artists, all selected by a jury.

It is only in 1985 that he will regularly start producing paintings while leading his medical and university career.

He is very loyal to regional exhibitions, to national ones such as the Autumn and the Independents’ Exhibition (Paris) but also to international ones (Washington in 2001, Prague in 1993, Brussels in 2001). Marc Dalle was first represented in art galleries located on the Left Bank of Paris but in 1999, he went on the other side of the Seine to join the artists of La Bastille and the Great Contemporary Art Market.

His work is nor figurative nor abstract. His art cannot be classified. Indeed, Marc Dalle considers his work as being of the border of fantasizing and syncretism. In this very personal style, we always find some innocence, humour but also some violence and sensuality. As a matter of fact, each work of art illustrates both tolerance and love stories. For young people those stories will develop in the way of cartoons but for well-informed adults the stories will be seen as artistic films.

It seems as if Marc Dalle wants to show that a face may be compared to a "comedy mask laid on the soul’s tragedy" (Shan-Sa). Even if it may annoy or at least make some glances wonder, the allegories that are painted, that illustrate important facts of the Bible, are never iconoclast. On the contrary, the paintings reveal the artist’s aim to be progressive.

What can be hidden behind these reveries inspired from Chagall, these masks, these characters belonging to a circus, these phantasmagorias, these humanized, nearly feminized and conniving animals ? Picasso said : "A picture only exists in the mind of the onlooker". So let’s leave there characters whisper the truth that words cannot express.

"May life begin where the glances starts", says Amelie Nothomb. So now let’s enter in Marc Dalle’s circassian dream ...

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